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Marketers Reveal The 6 Hurdles Blocking Ability To Prove Impact

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Marketers today have more customer engagement data than ever to leverage for analysis and decision-making. They are increasingly able to show the C-Suite a holistic view of the engagement journey, from prospect to customer. However, there are still significant hurdles blocking many marketing teams from reporting on the whole picture.
Recently we surveyed SaaS marketing leaders in our Marketing Impact Report, and they revealed the 6 challenges currently hindering their teams from proving impact to the C-Suite.

The 6 hurdles blocking ability to prove impact today are:


  1. 68% of the marketing leaders say limited time/resources prevent their ability to accurately measure marketing impact
  2. 54% indicate data silos between systems and channels prevent a holistic view of marketing initiatives
  3. 51% say organizational challenges, such as lack of alignment between marketing and sales stand in the way of accurately proving marketing impact
  4. 48% indicate an inability to attribute leads to revenue is preventing an accurate picture of marketing’s impact
  5. 41% say disparate systems and reporting between sales and marketing limit ability to tie influence to closed deals
  6. 29% say they are unclear how to measure current marketing results versus company goals

Despite these current challenges, marketers report they are making progress overall and are committed to continue driving for deeper insights. See what key measurement objectives are on top marketers minds this year by downloading our Marketing Impact Report, using the form below.
In the report you will learn:

  • Current top drivers for proving impact
  • The go-to metrics marketers currently provide their C-Suite
  • How marketers plan to move the measurement needle

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