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#AdobeChat Recap: Connecting With Your Audience

Once upon a time, marketers were ecstatic if they could meet their consumers and form a connection a fraction of the time. Today’s expectations are drastically different. The new standard is being able to consistently connect with your audience wherever they are.
In the most recent #AdobeChat we discussed connecting, understanding and creating with your audience. Check out these highlights:

What has changed in the past decade in the way we connect with our target audience?

How has the change in media consumption changed the way we connect with consumers?

What role will personalization have in connecting and gaining the attention of our target audience?

Personalization is crucial for success so it’s no surprise that it’s a common topic in conversation. Our discussion brought up some great points and ideas on how it will affect CX.

How can technology give us an understanding of our customers and why does it matter?

What can organizations do to better understand their audience?

There were so many wonderful takeaways from this discussion! Check out the full conversation on the Adobe Experience Cloud twitter page and share your favorite moments with us.

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