2019 Top Commerce Trend: HCL buys IBM Commerce and DX Products

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One of the biggest shifts in the enterprise commerce solutions space in 2019 will be the acquisition by HCL of IBM’s collaboration and experience products. On December 7, 2018 IBM announced that they intended to sell a handful of software products to HCL, including WebSphere Commerce (the recently released V9 and multi-tenant IBM Digital Commerce offerings) and IBM’s DX Portal and web CMS products (formerly WebSphere; now DX portfolio). This deal is slated to close mid-2019. The full announcement can be seen here.
Perficient Digital is fully committed to working with IBM, HCL and our clients during this acquisition to fully understand how it affects our clients’ Digital Commerce solution(s) and roadmap.
Considering the number of changing trends in the Digital Commerce space, now, more than ever, organizations must assess their current solutions against their future business needs and technology investments. We help companies understand these trends and align them with their business objectives in order to help establish plans and road maps that meet short and long-term needs.
This acquisition should serve as a reminder to customers of those commerce and DX products how critical it is to

  1. Assess and understand how industry changes impact their business objectives at all times
  2. Partner with organizations who have an informed yet independent view of the marketplace

As IBM’s Commerce Partner of the Year, more than any other IBM services firm in the world, Perficient Digital remains dedicated to being at the forefront of helping our customers in this effort. We were chosen for this recognition because of our ongoing growth and relationships with key customers, and thought leadership around the IBM Watson Customer Engagement Commerce platform.

“We bring to market leading-edge commerce solutions that transform our customers’ businesses in a way that not only drives sales but strengthens their overall brand. Our approach to commerce is focused on crafting a journey, connecting with customers, and delivering a seamless customer experience across channels and throughout the enterprise.”
– Steve Gatto, National Sales Director for Perficient Digital’s Commerce Solutions Practice

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how this acquisition may impact your short and long term commerce plans. If you have questions about this topic or would like to talk with one of our commerce experts, please contact us at
For more information on why this deal occurred, we found the following article helpful:

IBM Goes All In On Cloud And Sends Collaboration And Experience Products To HCL,
by Allen Bonde, Vice President and Research Director at Forrester, published Dec 10, 2018

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