The Minimum Oracle Cloud Project Contracts Setup


Differences exist between Cloud Project Billing and EBS Project Billing. Using Oracle Cloud Project Contracts exclusively is one of the differences. In EBS “Project Funding” we create an approved revenue budget, baseline it, setup the agreement and lastly fund the project/task.

Utilizing Oracle cloud project contracts raises questions of how the former “funding” is achieved in the cloud. Using contracts is another example of “Oracle giveth and taketh away”. One benefit of the contract is that you can publish or reference a true contract. Another is that the project’s financials are tied very tightly to the project.

The cost of having the above benefits are the learning curve and the somewhat tedious process of creating a project contract. To ease this the administrators can create contract templates for contracts. Additionally, a contract may have multiple lines. State which project/task are assigned (fka funded) to in the contract line.

When entering a contract the order of entry isn’t the order of the tabs.

Enter the general details in the Overview tab.

Next, enter Parties (customer info).

Note that the account number will not default into all of the customer related fields and you must enter or paste the number from the Bill-to Account Number field. Ship-to Account Number and Sold-to Account Number fields are not marked as required, so, you might skip over them. Be aware that these are not marked as required they are indeed required!

Moving on to setting up the Billing tab portion of the contract you will enter both a Bill Plan and a Revenue Plan.

Conversely, this directs the system as to the method an frequency of each. It is similar to the EBS billing and revenue methods. i.e. work/work, event/event, etc. Here too there is nuance in the acceptable combination of Invoice and Revenue Method Classification. Billing will default to a soft limit, but if you want a hard limit this is the place to set that.

Next, create the contract line and within the Details Associated Project tab.

Assign a project (and task if desired) to the contract line along with the Funding Amount. Lastly, and do not forget this one, submit the contract for approval. Approval can be set up to auto-approve the contract.
When you make changes to the contract change the status to Under Amendment via the Actions button/lov. This will freeze the contract until you submit the updated contract for approval and the status moves to Active again.

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