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Top 5 Sitecore Blog Posts From 2018

As we prepare to start a new year, many of us enjoy reflecting on all that happened this year. Our talented team published so many incredible posts encapsulating their favorite tips, features, and events. But within all that extraordinary content, there were a few posts that really excited our readers.
If you haven’t already checked them out, here are the top five posts from 2018:

Federated Authentication in Sitecore 9 – Part 1: Overview
Federated Authentication in Sitecore 9 – Part 2: Configuration
Best Practices on Sitecore 9 Forms for Development Teams
The Top New Features in Sitecore 9.1 and Why They Matter
Writing Sitecore PowerShell Reports for Content Authors

A special thanks to our team of bloggers and especially to the authors of these popular posts: George ChangBrandon Bruno, and Toby Gutierrez.
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