Building a Successful Community with Engaging Content [WEBINAR]

As you strive to offer the best customer experience possible, branded communities have become the preferred method for collaboration. Of all self-service channels, customers make the most frequent use of knowledge bases.

But your community is only as good as the support it provides, so if engagement is low or your knowledge bank is lacking, you’re failing your customer.

How To Build a Successful Community with Engaging Content

Join us as we explore community content strategies with Stewart Florsheim, VP of content enablement for industry-specific Salesforce-based applications leader Vlocity, and Perficient UI/UX solution architect, Andrew Smith.

Discussion topics will include:

  • The role content plays in measuring community success
  • Steps for managing the creation and execution of content
  • How Vlocity deflects cases using killer content delivered through its new Salesforce community

Our Featured Speakers

Stewart is Vice President of Content Enablement at Vlocity, Inc., where he’s responsible for the user documentation, training materials, and the company’s online community. Prior to joining Vlocity Stewart worked at Kenandy, Inc., where he was the VP of Marketing before he became Sr. VP of Content Development. Stewart also led content development teams at The ASK Group, Intuit, and Advent Software.

Andrew is a Solution Architect specializing in UI/UX. He is responsible for creating state-of-the-art communities for Vlocity, Hulu, and Intuit.  He has used modern design and development techniques for more than a decade to complete a variety of projects in Salesforce, Lightning Communities, UI/UX consultation, frontend development, and website design and development.


Perficient implemented a customer community at Vlocity which Stewart brought his specialization of technical writing and problem-solving to the table to create a highly strategic content strategy, which we share with you. 

Your Knowledge Base is the Key to Service Success

A knowledge base consists of the available data or information to answer a question. Whether your help articles are housed in a self-service community or in a knowledge center for support agents, well-developed knowledge bases are the backbone of case deflection.

Combining Salesforce functionality like knowledge and search allows corresponding articles and topics to pop up as users type a problem or ask a question. This natively deflects cases because answers to questions or problems can appear in real time.

In the Meantime, Use These Resources

If you’re getting started:

Or, if you already have a community:

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