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Use Intelligent Content to Create Incredible Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) affects our lives in unexpected ways every day. Machine learning has changed the method and speed that companies can deliver personalized content. And because of this, expectations are consistently increasing across all industries.
In a recent guide that we created together with Adobe, we take a closer look at how you can not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Meeting Customers’ Healthy Expectations

In today’s market, customers can easily compare products and services.  This forces competing brands to entice customers with their unique, individual experiences. This is has led to customers setting healthy expectations for companies. These expectations range from a doctors complex treatment plan to a simple movie recommendation.
Content is the key to meeting those expectations. Marketers must create, deliver and analyze content fast enough for experiences to adapt instantly across every channel.
Creating authentic, personalized experiences require extensive resources. Even if these resources are available, it’s impossible to scale manually. The solution can be found where content marketing and AI meet content intelligence.

Taking a Turn for the Better Experience

So how can you utilize intelligence across the content journey to deliver exceptional experiences? We’ve identified a few key ways that you can put AI to work.

Get Better Answers Faster

Machine learning can help you try different approaches and even change direction quickly. This enables you to identify how a decision impacts the emotional experience.

Create Vital Experiences – STAT

Delivering consistent experiences without increasing costs or complexity seems like an impossible task. But AI can serve as your creative assistant rapidly assembling and optimizing content for every touchpoint.

Manage Millions of Digital Assets

It’s important that everyone can find the approved images and video to ensure consistent experiences across channels. Although manually tagging images is tedious, inconsistent, and all to often left undone, this is where machines excel.

Deliver Experiences that Make Hearts Leap

Machine learning allows you to create content and deliver everywhere, automatically adjusting to fit connected experiences on any channel.

Personalize Customer Treatment

Machine learning can determine the best experience for each customer by evaluating all behavioral and contextual variables. As machine learning learns, predictive analytics can tell you what each customer wants to see and buy.

Dig Deeper

Download our guide Intelligent Content, Incredible Experiences to get more information on how you can deliver personalized experiences through intelligent content.
Are you one of the few companies already using AI technologies to improve your customer experiences? Comment below and share what you’ve learned!

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