New Partner Community Helps Okta Cut Through the Content Clutter

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With all the different audiences businesses interact with today, it can be a challenge to control the information each audience actually needs. Systems that worked in the past can quickly become useless as growth happens and business needs change. The question is, can your technology solutions keep up?

When Your Community Content is Out of Control

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Okta, the identity management company best known for their single sign-on solution, had a customer community they were piping partner specific knowledge articles through. Doing it this way, they could not selectively surface documents like sales and marketing collateral to different partners based on partner type. Yes, it provided articles and information, but there was no control over which audience saw what content and there was no ability to drill down on content needs for their partners, a key component of their business.

Without control of their partner content, they knew it was time to stop leaving valuable data on the table and offer their partners a better digital experience.

Hundreds of Articles Find a New Home

Perficient helped Okta add a partner community to their Sales Cloud so content can be distributed to users respective of their needs and necessary access. Salesforce Content allows content to be added to Salesforce and shared through a Salesforce library. Then, members can access the library based on a group they are assigned to. This allows significantly more control over the content each audience is served, saving the user time from having to search and search for what they needed. We organized hundreds of content articles into segments like partner type, topic, and access level to differentiate partner facing assets. Learn more about Salesforce CRM Content 

We also created several different logic matching account scenarios for a simple, user-friendly self-registration process that was completely custom.

Partner-Specific Content Upgrades the Experience

“This project gave us a chance to demonstrate our Perficient expertise by following our proven methodology, listening to the requirements in discovery, documenting, and coming back with recommended solutions, then collaborating through those phases to have a collaborative build and demo process,” shares Valentine Christopher, the project manager who worked on the implementation. 

With the new Salesforce partner community, Okta can now easily surface necessary documents to their different partners based on partner type and access level, giving them more control over their information. They are equipped to identify gaps and create content to support those unfilled needs and partner information is easier to update and distribute, saving time and stress.

Have you audited your community content lately? If you have questions about how to use communities to provide a better partner experience, let our experts help you make sure you’re not leaving valuable data on the table.

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