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Marketo Winter ’19 Release Notes

The Marketo Winter ’19 release notes are out, and key updates cover important areas of the platform including account-based marketing enhancements, new custom field options for Bizible, and updates to both Marketo Sales Engage and Marketo Sky.
Here’s the full list of what’s new and updated:

Core Platform Enhancements

Email CC for Marketo Emails

  • Include up to five CC addresses per recipient on emails sent through Marketo.


  • Extensible Webinar Platform: Webinar providers can leverage Marketo’s new framework to build and maintain their own integrations with Marketo, allowing them more flexibility in updating and enhancing their solutions while allowing customers to get the most out of their chosen solution. Marketers can easily connect Marketo to their chosen providers and integrate webinars into their event programs.


  • Multi-Branding Domain Support for Asset API: Approving and cloning assets produce the same results within the API and UI.
  • Email CC Support for Asset API: Users cloning, approving, and processing emails via the API will maintain parity with the UI settings.

Munchkin v155 (Beta)

  • API-Only Mode: Users can now determine when and how to track members of their database by allowing single-page web apps to explicitly call when they want to record a webpage visit instead of relying on Marketo’s automatic tracking.
  • Opt-Out Management: Easily manage opt-outs by matching the opt-out cookie domain with the Munchkin tracking cookie domain.
  • Domain-Level Decider Parameter: Two-letter domains (i.e. “io“) will automatically track in Marketo without additional setup requirements.


Marketo Sales Engage

  • Salesforce Custom Profile: Sales Engage now supports unlimited custom profiles.
  • Salesforce Customization: By removing non-critical custom activity fields, users can set up Sales Engage in the CRM platform more efficiently.
  • Email Service: Enjoy better deliverability plus improved Reply Tracking, Scheduled Email functionality, and bulk email functionality by connecting to Microsoft Outlook (either through Office365 or On-Prem through the Email Connection tab).
  • New Admin Settings: Two admin pages have been added to optimize your Sales Engage instance
    • Team Management supports a seamless account set-up process by allowing admins to edit subscriptions and teams.
    • Salesforce Admin Settings helps teams set up their SFDC sync faster and easier than ever before.
  • OWA Plugin for Windows: With one single add-in, all Windows Office 365 clients will be supported in Sales Engage, providing the ability to use Live Feed in Outlook. The new plugin will be available in the Microsoft Store.
  • Activities Pusher: Sync Sales Engage to the core Marketo platform to leverage real-time marketing insights.


Marketo Sky

Note: Marketo Sky releases occur on a more frequent cadence. The following features and enhancements are expected to release during late Q4/early Q1. For more details and updates, check Marketo’s Sky documentation.

  • Optional Default Experience: Marketo users may set Marketo Sky as their default experience if they have been provided access by an Admin.
  • Reimagined My Marketo: Customize your experience by adding widgets that provide critical information, notifications, and links to your most frequently visited areas.
  • Design Studio List Views & Detail Pages: Enjoy an increased level of organization and accuracy with filterable and searchable list views of emails, landing pages, and forms. Asset Detail Pages provide key information around each asset, including which programs the asset is used by, the number of snippets being used, and more.
  • Global Search: Marketo now offers a faster and more robust global search function across the platform. Search queries now run across all accessible workspaces and can search assets (both active and archived), labels, campaigns, and programs. Search results are provided via an overlay and each result includes its file location trail to specify where the asset lives.
  • Improved User Interface: New icons, modals, and buttons, along with a new color palette to reflect our brand refresh and make Marketo Sky even more stunning and functional.
  • Email Program Usability Enhancements: We continue to move towards parity in Email Program functionality between our classic Marketo Lead Management platform and the new Marketo Sky experience.
  • Event-With-Webinar Programs: Event-With-Webinar programs are now available in Marketo Sky (note: only GoToWebinar will be supported in this release, with further integrations established over time).


Account-Based Marketing

ABM Persona-Based Segmentation & Filtering

  • Personalize your ABM campaigns for specific personas within named accounts. The ABM Persona feature creates a default job title based on lead segmentation and allows configuration of additional persona segmentations.




  • Custom Calculated Fields: Use any Bizible attribute to build custom fields that can be used for dashboard reporting and segmentation.
  • SOC II Type II Certification: New security and privacy certification builds on Type I accreditation from earlier this year.


Web Personalization

Add Subdomains in Account Settings

  • To manage domains and subdomains more efficiently, users can now add subdomains to their RTP account settings.


Marketo Mobile Engagement (MME)

Updated MME Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android
Marketo has updated the SDK for Android to a more modern, stable and scalable framework that contains more flexibility and new engineering features. Android app developers can now directly use Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) with this new SDK.


In Addition:

  • App developers must update to the new version before March 31, 2019. If you do not update your SDK by March 31, 2019, any new user who downloads your app after this date will not be able to receive push notifications until you update to the latest version of the SDK. The SDK update will not require your current existing mobile app users to re-download a new version of your app.
  • Marketo is upgrading the OAuth version for GoToWebinar from 1.0 to 2.0. Support for OAuth 1.0 will be deprecated in January 2019. If you are a GoToWebinar customer, you will need to re-authenticate your logins through LaunchPoint (in the Admin area) by January 31, 2019 to ensure that your integration will continue working. For more details, please refer to our Community page.


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