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Automation Tools Enhance Cloud Outcomes

We have been working with many different technologies in the cloud space over the last few years. Each technology brings it’s own set of challenges and outcomes. One set of technologies that has already delivered significant outcomes are automation tools.

If you think about it cloud technology is based on the use of automation tools. Every cloud provider has implemented automation from the lowest levels of computing architecture. It is the ability to automate that has delivered cloud to the marketplace.

Automation tools cover the full range of activities:

  • Infrastructure – IaC
  • Application Development – CI/CD
  • Business Process – RPA
  • Incident Management – CIM
  • Testing – CI/CD
  • Security- CIM
  • Performance Management – APM
  • Data Management – PDM
  • Analytics – ML/AI/DV

Because of the extensive use of these tools we are starting to experience many positive outcomes.

The following is a short list of those outcomes:

  • IT organizational change
  • Business Transformation Velocity Increased
  • Identification of New Business Opportunities Real Time
  • Streamlining Business Process’s
  • Compliance Monitoring and Documentation
  • Real Time Security Management

These outcomes are already delivering positive financial results while significantly improving overall business performance. As these Automation Tools continue to merge and add more features we will continue to see significant outcomes.

If your organization has not embraced these new tools you need to get started ASAP. In the future to be successful in any business will require extensive use of automation tools.

Thinking it Through
Victor Wolters

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