Top 5 Benefits of Twilio Flex Customer Contact Centers

During Twilio’s Signal developer conference in October, the company announced the general availability of Twilio Flex. Flex is the first fully programmable cloud contact center platform.

Largely touted as a platform for innovation in customer service, Flex offers total control to change any layer of the contact center stack and deliver it with the speed of the cloud. In fact, the ability to customize everything on Flex offers a staggering contrast to traditional call center platforms.

To truly understand the value of this innovative solution, we’ve identified some key benefits that Flex offers over traditional contact center platforms.

Here’s are 5 key benefits of Twilio Flex:

  • Programmability: With Flex’s application platform approach, you can change any feature at any layer of the stack. Flex’s micro-component architecture lets you add, remove, and customize anything while maintaining a native feel.
  • Omni-channel: Flex lets agents switch from phone call to messaging or video chat all from one UI. Agents can serve customers without being boxed into a channel or spread across dozens of tabs. With a suite of channels baked into the UI and a growing marketplace of third-party custom integrations, adding a channel to Flex can be as easy as a single click.
  • Workflorce Optimization (WFO): Flex WFO if designed to streamline your contact center, make agents more productive, and customers happier. You can gain complete visibility into your customer’s journey.
  • Intelligent Workflow Engine: Every interaction running Flex invokes a workflow that can be controlled with a simple drag and drop using Studio, Twilio’s visual workflow editor.
  • Scale: Flex is supported by the same battle-tested cloud platform that powers Twilio’s entire network of APIs. Grow your contact center to 50,000 agents and deploy globally in an instant. Elastically scale your usage without preemptively engineering for spikes in traffic.

There are a lot of challenges and disadvantages that all of the ubiquitous technology around us today can present. But if the benefits above are a fit with your contact center strategy, then it’s time to accelerate visions and make them a reality. To learn how Perficient can help, click here.

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Angie Clark, Marketing Manager

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