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Sitecore Symposium 2018: Learning to SPEAK

Learning to SPEAK was lead by Julia Gavrilova and Olga Kogen from XCentium.  They gave a little history of SPEAK and demoed a couple apps they have written.  I’ve got some ideas for apps to build in Sitecore, and now I’m ready to get started!

What is SPEAK

  • Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit
  • Toolkit to build UI in Sitecore
  • Consistent UI
    • Sitecore components
    • Custom apps

SPEAK Versions

  • Version 1
    • Compatible with Sitecore 7.1+
    • Requires Sitecore Rocks tool for Visual Studio
  • Version 2
    • Compatible with Sitecore 8.1+
    • Requires Sitecore Rocks tool for Visual Studio
  • Version 3
    • Compatible with Sitecore 9+
    • Uses Angular 4
      • You can use any exiting Angular 4 components

Where to Start

Create a SPEAK 3 Application

  • Switch to core db
  • Browse to /sitecore/content/your apps in the content tree
  • Create a definition item for your app
  • Create a dictionary for translation items
    • Allows you to content manage text in your app
  • Create your Angular 4 application
    • Use Sitecore specific tags
      • <sc-page>
      • <sc-global-header>
      • <table scTable>
      • <article scPageContent>
    • ng build
      • Creates dist folder
        • Copy to www/sitecore/client/applications/appname
        • Folder name must match definition item name or your app will not work

Check out the rest of my notes from Sitecore Symposium 2018!

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