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AllianceBernstein’s Mobile App Empowers Sales Teams in Real Time

How to Best Enable On-the-Go Sellers

What if you could improve the customer engagement experience and provide your sales team with a customer-facing toolkit? And what if it gave real-time insights? And what if it was mobile? Do you need proven effectiveness, because it’s got that, too. Meet SIMON (Sales Intelligence Mobile Optimized Network).

Perficient’s MicroStrategy business intelligence experts (formerly of Southport) partnered with AllianceBernstein, a leading global asset management firm, to co-develop an intuitive, unique sales app that leverages MicroStrategy on top of Salesforce CRM data to give the AB sales team real-time, mobile-first information. This app earned AllianceBernstein a coveted MicroStrategy® Customer Award for Innovation.

SIMON App on Stage at Dreamforce 2018

SIMON was so impactful that AllianceBernstein was invited to share the app with the Salesforce ecosystem at Dreamforce 2018 in a session titled “Best Practices When Going Mobile with MicroStrategy” which featured Kevin Rosenfeld, Alliance Bernstein’s SVP and Head of Business Intelligence. Listen to the session here

Perficient is proud to be named as a key partner on the creation of SIMON at Dreamforce 2018.

By leveraging MicroStrategy on top of Salesforce, AllianceBernstein can “now able to provide U.S. retail wholesalers with unprecedented, on-demand access to sales data, marketing content, product performance, and competitive market analysis.” (MicroStrategy)

And this is only the beginning.

Learning About the AllianceBernstein Mobile Sales App Live at Dreamforce

Bill Bernart, Salesforce Partner Specialist at Perficient, recalls his experience seeing the session at Dreamforce:

Dreamforce was amazing as ever. Salesforce continues to drive some great innovation but I was reminded of the real power of the platform in one specific presentation.

As a 25 year veteran of delivering CRM and analytic solutions (and especially sales automation solutions), I saw for the first time, in a long time, a field sales support application that was having a big and very positive impact in supporting a high-performance sales organization.   

It is Sales Cloud-based but it’s the leveraging of other technologies that made it exceptional!

  • As mentioned, the solution is based on Sales Cloud but delivered a tremendous level of detailed client data, much of which was not stored in Salesforce.   
  • The application was fully responsive (i.e. works on any device), and was designed for mobile use but was not delivered via the Salesforce Mobile Platform.
  • The solution required no user training, yet is being used to support complex seller/client relationships and complex product sales in a highly competitive environment.  

I mention all of this to illustrate a great example of how to get real value from the Salesforce platform and the Salesforce ecosystem: Think beyond the platform itself; use the platform in conjunction with partner’s technologies and expertise to deliver the ideal solution to your users. Salesforce makes this possible now in a sustainable way.

Could you see an app like SIMON helping your sales team? There are so many use cases for this kind of tool that the possibilities seem endless. Contact Perficient to learn how this app can help you.

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