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Perficient Atlanta Team Helps Out at the Atlanta Community Food Bank

Perficient Employees at ACFB

This past month Perficient Atlanta members volunteered a Saturday morning to help the community at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The ACFB’s mission is to help provide for the food-insecure in the Greater Atlanta area. When parents have to make the difficult decision between feeding themselves and their children or paying bills, the food bank is able to take food out of the equation allowing for parents to pay these bills. Spending time helping the Atlanta Community Food Bank reach their goals was both a rewarding and fun experience with my colleagues.

PRFT Employee at ACFB

What did our visit entail? We divided ourselves into three separate groups. The first group would sift out items that could not be distributed such as chocolates. The second group would check the expiration dates on the food items that were passed along by the first group. The third and final group would then pack the acceptable items into cardboard boxes to be placed onto a truck. The truck would distribute the boxes of food to various distributors in the Atlanta area. We worked in these groups for a few hours while listening to some classic hits on the radio.

ACFB In Action

By the end of our visit, we were able to pack 7,622 lbs of food. This equates to about 5,377 meals. This will greatly impact our community. This was not the first time Perficient Atlanta volunteered its time at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and it certainly will not be the last time we participate. We would like to thank ACFB for having us and for being a positive contributor to the community!

Perficient Employees at ACFB

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