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Microsoft Teams PowerShell Gets a Face Lift! (November 2018)

One big problem for Teams admins in the past has been the lack of PowerShell cmdlets available for Microsoft Teams. Well, you no longer have to suffer in silence because Microsoft has finally released some updates for the Microsoft Teams Cmdlet module. With update 0.9.5  you can now perform “most” of the administrative operations available in the Teams and Skype for Business Online Admin Center. With the latest update you can do the following:

  • Create teams
  • List teams in the tenant
  • Update current settings for a team
  • Create new channels

In addition to what was mentioned above, they’ve made some significant improvements to the Get-Team cmdlet. In prior releases of the cmdlet this would only return names of teams that you were a member of, so unless you were a member of every single team in your organization you wouldn’t have much use for this command. With this latest update the Get-Team cmdlet returns a full list of ALL teams listed in the tenant! For a full list of cmdlets available to you in Microsoft Teams, check out the Microsoft docs page here. To get started you’ll need to install this module  from the PSGallery by doing the following:

  • Uninstall any old version of the PowerShell cmdlet
    • Uninstall-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams
  • Install the most up to date Teams PowerShell cmdlet
    • Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Repository PSGallery
    • Connect-MicrosoftTeams

With all that said, Microsoft still has a long ways to go and will need to expand on parameters for each cmdlet as well as just adding new cmdlets in general before our Microsoft Teams admins will be content. I’m sure I speak for all admins alike when I say that if Microsoft can get Teams PowerShell cmlets to the level that Skype for Business and Skype for Business Online PowerShell have today, then we would be very grateful! As always stay tuned, I release content on Skype for Business, Teams, and other exciting Microsoft related UC news on a weekly basis! I hope you have found this quick update helpful and I encourage you to experiment with these new PowerShell cmdlet updates to see what exactly you can get out of it!

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Brian Siefferman

Brian is a Technical Consultant for Perficient’s Unified Communications practice focusing primarily on Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams workloads. He has been in this role since December 2017 and has an active presence blogging about all things Teams related. Currently, Brian resides in the suburbs of Chicago and enjoys running, swimming, weight lifting, and playing soccer in his free time.

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