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Sitecore Symposium 2018: The Fallacy of “Impossible”

The Fallacy of “Impossible” session was lead by Mick Ebeling of Not Impossible Labs.  What an inspirational and motivating session!

What is Impossible

  • Impossible is a fallacy
    • Everything that is possible was impossible at one time
    • Impossible is a temporary state of being

Making Impossible, Possible

  • Their motto is “Help 1, Help many”
    • Use one person’s story to solve a problem
    • Take the result and help many people with the same problem
  • Their motivation
    • Find something that absurd
    • Commit to finding a solution
    • Figure out how to make it happen
  • They believe doing good (for humanity) is
    • Good for branding
    • Good  for business
    • Good for recruiting
    • Good for growth
  • How do they do it?
    • Beautiful limitless naievity
  • They asked “who is your one”
    • Who do you know that has a problem with an absurd solution today?

How they help

  • Daniel
    • A boy living Sudan who lost his arms during a bombing in his villiage
    • Found a way to make prosthetic arms for a fraction of the normal cost using 3d printers
    • Showed the local people how to use the technology and make prosthesis for others
  • Tony
    • An LA graffiti artist that was paralyzed
    • Found a way to use his eyes to be able to draw again

This session really made me appreciate technology and the amazing things that can be done to improve the lives of others.
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