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Introducing Experience Rules (XPR)

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I will cut to the chase. Experience Rules (XPR), one of the latest additions to the SCORE accelerator, is a game changer.

Experience Rules is new functionality that appears in the Experience Editor and allows you to track goals and profile content on the component level.

Why is that so significant? I’m glad you asked!

Sitecore’s out-of-the-box analytics and profiling features are driven by page visits and page-based actions. And this is great functionality to have out-of-the-box and is perfect for marketers just getting their feet wet with Sitecore’s marketing functionality.

But we all know that website design today is more sophisticated and complex, and there are actions that we want to track or profile ON the page. So what happens when there is content embedded on a page that a person can interact with that tells you something about their persona type? Think single page applications, accordions, modals, tab sets, carousels, etc. That’s where XPR comes in handy.

With Experience Rules, you can now easily set a goal without development help to track analytics or profile content within a page, taking your insights deeper in and even beyond the page level. Using XPR, you simply select the click action you want to track, your floating editor will pop up and you can set the user interactions and associate your goal to trigger based on the specific interaction.

Sitecore screenshot of adding button

And not only can this be done for Sitecore tracking, but XPR can be customized for Google Analytics, Tealium tag manager and other systems that you might have.

In addition to analytics, profiling content for personalization is an important feature in the Sitecore experience. Using XPR, similar to associating goals, marketers now have the flexibility to profile content on the component level. Out-of-the-box, you can only profile content on the page level (often done in the content editor), but with XPR you can add value to a user’s profile card when they hover on a piece of content, expand an accordion, bring a piece of content into focus on the screen and more!

By extending Sitecore’s analytics capabilities, you can use SCORE XPR to build a rich data layer in your CMS environment, giving you the ability to expand the kinds of data being collected, and getting a more accurate view of user behaviors and interactions across your ecosystem.

Interested in how XPR can help you dig deeper into your data and support your strategies of knowing your customers and delivering on their expectations? Fill out the contact form or HMU on twitter @jgrozalsky.

Stay thirsty, friends!

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