Strengthening Our Marketing Automation Capabilities with Elixiter

Today, Perficient announced that it has acquired Elixiter, Inc., an award-winning marketing consultancy that specializes in Marketo marketing automation services.
Perficient Digital is already delivering exceptional digital marketing and marketing automation programs for our clients. In September, Adobe announced it had entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Marketo, the market-leading cloud platform for B2B marketing engagement. Perficient is one of the few Adobe Premier partners in North America, and with Adobe’s plans to purchase Marketo, we’re excited to enhance our ability to help clients deliver exceptional end-to-end, omni-channel experiences.
By acquiring Elixiter, we are deepening our ability to help our clients build lasting relationships and grow revenue. Exiliter enables companies to leverage more from Marketo and deliver revenue faster by proving what works.
Adobe and Marketo have a number of commonalities, including their firm belief in the power of content and data to drive results and exceed business goals. Digital-first companies with a dual focus on content and data continue to reap the benefits of data-driven marketing, and the creation and effective use of compelling content.
In Adobe’s “2018 Digital Trends” report, the three top-ranked priorities for marketers were:

  1. content and experience management,
  2. analytics, and
  3. audience and data management.

Great digital experiences are not possible without a solid foundation in data and analytics, to make certain content is being used effectively – at the right time, and through the right touchpoint and digital experience.
In this same study, the need to orchestrate experiences effectively across different channels and points of engagement was deemed a “very important” digital marketing priority for companies over the next few years.

Whether B2C or B2B, coordinating experiences across channels and touchpoints is unachievable without a keen focus on content and data.

B2B marketers recognize Marketo as the leading management solution and the choice platform to help those sales and marketing teams find leads, effectively nurture those leads, and subsequently, convert them into closed business.
With so much marketing automation talent and Marketo expertise, we are elated to add Elixiter to our team. Welcome!

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Taylor Rhyne

I work closely with our content management practices and partners at Perficient to lead marketing efforts designed to increase awareness and impact pipeline. I have experience in a variety of industries and have spent the last decade creating multi-faceted campaigns, working to integrate various channels into the plan and maximize effectiveness.

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