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Why Personalization is a Must for Any B2B Business

Personalized experiences are the new digital imperative. This is true in our experiences as consumers, and those expectations are also influencing the needs of B2B customers. Features like one-click ordering and immersive product content are no longer exclusive to retail giants or niche, experience-rich brands — they are expected across B2B. Your buyers expect you to know them and their needs, and provide experiences relevant to their roles. But delivering on this expectation is an entirely different beast.

The Case for B2B Personalization

B2B buyers are demanding personalized experiences, and they’re backing it up with their business spend.

  • 75% of business buyers expect companies to send their company personalized offers
  • 74% agree that receiving these personalized offers has a major or moderate influence on their loyalty
  • 65% of business buyers say they’d likely switch brands if a company didn’t make an effort to personalize communications with their business

Meeting these personalization expectations in B2B will have major revenue impacts. It’s predicted that B2B commerce sales will reach $6.6 trillion by 2020, overtaking the B2C commerce sales forecast of $3.2 trillion. The B2B market in the US alone is projected to hit $1.2 trillion in sales. Personalization will be crucial for any company that wants a piece of that.
To learn more about what you can do to implement B2B personalization in your organization, download our free guide, How to Conquer Complex Customer Journeys in B2B Personalization.

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