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Twilio Announces General Availability of Flex Platform

Kicking off their Signal developer conference taking place in San Francisco this week, Twilio announced today that Twilio Flex, the first fully programmable cloud contact center platform, is now generally available.

Since its beta launch in March, excitement around Twilio Flex has been mounting throughout the contact center ecosystem. Considered by many a platform for innovation in customer service, Flex offers total control to change any layer of the contact center stack, and deliver it with the speed of the cloud. With an industry-leading pricing model, and a free trial of up to 5,000 active user hours, developers can test Flex’s capabilities before committing and then scale with traditional or flexible pricing options that best fit their needs. As Twilio Flex General Manager, Al Cook, said:

“It’s been amazing to see the excitement Flex has created in the contact center market since our announcement in March. Enterprises no longer have to make the choice of whether to build or buy because Flex deploys like a SaaS application, integrates like a premise-based solution and iterates at the pace of a web platform. As of today, we will be rolling out Twilio Flex to the thousands of companies who signed up during beta. We can’t wait to see what they create.”

The announcement comes as our partnership with Twilio continues to strengthen and build momentum. Our certified Flex engineers are helping organizations evaluate and pilot Twilio Flex based on their current needs, usage patterns, and success criteria. The end result is a seamless migration to the Flex platform, in the quickest, most cost-effective manner, which enables clients to focus on their own customer’s experience.

“Twilio Flex is an entirely new approach to contact centers, providing today’s organizations with a cloud platform they can use to drive innovation in customer service,” said Matt McGillen, Vice President, Perficient. “With Twilio Flex, we have the best of both worlds: it’s reliable and scalable, while also providing customization and the ability to integrate with CRM systems and line-of-business applications. Companies can now focus on developing the right customer care strategies, making human connections with customers while providing a foundation for future growth.”

Certainly, the news has to be exciting for the thousands of developers and professionals taking part in Signal this week. If you happen to be on the ground and in the Twilio Signal mix, be sure to stop by our booth (#12) to connect with our team.

To learn more about the Twilio Flex general availability and today’s announcement, read the full press release here.

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