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Our Tested Framework for Customer Service Community Success

Mobile Sales Enablement

Self-Service Communities Used for Customer Service On the Rise

Trends show that customers prefer self-service communities when it comes to accessing support.

Customers demand fast service anywhere, anytime. Today, customers have more choice: more products to buy, more information to influence purchasing decisions, and more devices and channels over which to seek customer service. What they don’t have is more time. It’s no wonder that self-service interactions have overtaken all other channels for the third year running. We predict that companies will explore chatbots and voice user interfaces to enhance the self-service experience, as well as investigate visual engagement technologies to cut through the conversational clutter and preserve a customer’s time.

— Kate Leggett, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester (Top Cusotmer Service Trends for 2018)

But there’s more that goes into setting up and managing a successful community than many companies realize. Just like we’ve helped Nokia, GoPro, and NextGen, we can help take the stress out of setting up a community with our adaptable, operational rollout strategy that you can customize to fit your business needs.

REAL RESULTS: Check out the results of the Tenable “one-stop-shop” customer community

Service needs to be available on the go, on every device.

Get Our Actual Customer Service Community Rollout Framework

We interviewed our team of technical experts to learn what really goes down when creating a customer service community. We hold nothing back in this interactive workbook where we break down the steps needed to produce a thriving customer service community. From ideation and launch to rollout and measuring the success, we list all the steps needed to launch a Salesforce community. (Even if you’re not launching a community with Salesforce, these exercises and resources are proven to help formulate a champion community strategy.)

Click below to download our interactive workbook to:

  • Determine your business case – you must start here!
  • Identify the tools to educate yourself and your company about communities
  • Utilize change management tips for introducing a new community
  • Establish, manage, engage, and measure your community
  • Apply tips we’ve learned from building over 100 thriving communities

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Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @PRFTSalesforce. Have a customer service community you’re proud of? Show it off in the comments below!

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