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Driving Patient Engagement at Dignity Health with Sitecore

It is exciting to see the breadth and depth of Perficient’s Digital Health capabilities making a difference in the market with Dignity Health and Sitecore. We all know that creating and delivering excellent end-to-end web experiences for patients is a key goal for healthcare, but you only have a shot of getting there with an excellent end-to-end team.

Dignity Health’s leadership in driving better patient engagement is well-known, and it has long been a major point of emphasis and differentiation. It is this commitment to investing in Digital Health tools and solutions that make the process of healthcare so much more efficient and enjoyable for patients and families. Sitecore, in turn, has become a sought-after vendor in this space because of the flexibility and comprehensiveness of its web solution.

The Sitecore Experience Award being presented to Perficient Digital this week is a fantastic example of Perficient’s role as a partner in this journey toward end-to-end Digital Health for providers and payers alike.

At Perficient, we believe that Digital Health is all about this kind of broad, strategic thinking as technologies are deployed – avoiding siloed activity and emphasizing that health technology domains are highly interwoven with one another. In this case, the combination of vision, expertise, and skills among Dignity Health, Sitecore, and Perficient means the Sitecore web experience has an impact beyond engagement and into other Digital Health domains.

In helping drive more effective, frictionless engagement, it is also helping to make delivery of care more streamlined and, critically, contributing to the generation of meaningful operational insights that in turn help transform patient outcomes.

As Michael Seagraves, senior director of digital strategy and operations at Dignity Health puts it, we are “[enabling] patients to take ownership of their health journey, and increasing efficiencies for our physicians and our network.” Well said, and I think there is much more to come.

Looking forward to helping our Digital Health services go from strength to strength. See you in Boston at the Connected Health Conference.

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