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Communication: The Missing Link to Successfully Aligning Your Marketing to Sales Funnel

The communication between your marketing and sales teams can be compared to the sync between Marketo and your CRM. If the sync between Marketo and your CRM is not 1:1, information becomes misaligned—database sizes might not match, record information may vary, etc. It causes marketing and sales efforts to be wasted.
Communication is key.
Whether it’s your marketing and sales platforms talking to one another, or your actual marketing and sales teams—it needs to happen. Getting both the marketing and sales teams in the same room may seem like an impossible task for some. However, once the necessary discussion happens, it opens the door to a feedback loop that will only help your business in the long run. A feedback loop between marketing and sales should always be running in parallel to your actual Lifecycle process:

This closed-loop process is important in both scenarios. It allows for records to be passed from marketing to sales and back to marketing when they need more nurturing. The process also allows for more visibility on both ends. Marketing can see where the records are in the funnel once they are passed off to sales, and sales is able to have more insight into what marketing initiatives the record engaged in before being passed over. This allows for optimization on the marketing side and more meaningful conversations on the sales side.
Marketing and sales teams may have different jobs, but they have one common goal—to close the deal. Communication between systems, as well as communication between teams, can help increase ROI and the number of closed won deals. Close the loop. Close the deal.

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