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Microsoft Ignite 2018: Teams Breakout Sessions

Well that time is upon us once again! Microsoft Ignite runs from 9/23-9/28 and this year they have a whopping 49+ sessions just dedicated to Microsoft Teams! With that said, I’ll be breaking down which relevant sessions cater to specific roles and requirements as well as discuss the “Learning Paths” recommendations and how they work.


Teams Core Fundamentals

10 sessions dedicated to current and new features within Microsoft Teams! In addition, they will have sessions covering troubleshooting, architecture, and compliance:

BRK2159: What’s new in Microsoft Teams, The hub for teamwork

BRK2161: Microsoft 365, Built for Teamwork

BRK3118: Microsoft Teams Architecture Update

BRK3120: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

BRK3126: What’s new in EDU? Updates to Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education

BRK3135: Learn more about security and compliance for Microsoft Teams

BRK3140: Microsoft Teams in the Government Cloud

BRK3231: Collaboration on the Go with the Microsoft Teams Mobile App

BRK3370: Innovation of Microsoft Teams built on a foundation of quality

BRK4012: How to manage Microsoft Teams effectively


Intelligent Calls, Meetings & Devices

4 sessions dedicated to Microsoft Teams calls, meetings, and device experience. Looking to modernize your meeting experience? Look no further! Definitely don’t miss these breakout sessions:

BRK2169: Reaching broader audiences with Microsoft Teams live events

BRK2188: Intelligent meetings in Microsoft Teams

BRK3168: Intelligent Communications across devices in Microsoft Teams

BRK3232: Collaborative Calling and Business Voice in Teams


Change Management, Adoption and Success Stories

One of the crucial, yet often neglected areas is change management. Luckily, Microsoft has you covered with 5 sessions including the biggest industry verticals as well as some tips for leveraging teamwork across your organization:

BRK2143: Improving Health Teams Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

BRK2160 : The time for Teams: Scenarios to realize the value of Microsoft Teams

BRK2189: Success with Teams Customer Panel – Best practices for large scale enterprise deployments

BRK2366: Find out how one of the biggest retailers in Europe is using Microsoft Teams

BRK3170: Driving Teams Adoption: Enabling the modern workplace with O365 & Microsoft Teams


Upgrading from Skype for Business Online to Teams

These sessions will be relevant for your technical roles to attend, as they help them prepare to transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. These 4 sessions will cover every aspect, from the planning phase to the migration itself. Watch these sessions for a smoother transition to Microsoft Teams:

BRK2190: Delighting your End Users: Facilitating a smooth transition from Skype for Business to Team…

BRK3141: Designing your path from Skype for Business to Teams: Start Here!

BRK3142: Planning a seamless migration from Skype for Business to Teams for IT Admins

BRK3230: Learn How Microsoft Does IT:  The Journey from SfB to Teams


IT Pro Deep Dives

One of my personal favorites, the deep dives! These sessions are dedicated to your technical roles in your company. For anyone that will be supporting Microsoft Teams, these 9 sessions are a must watch:

BRK3113: Deep dive into the Administration Portal for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

BRK3138: Managing Client Deployments and Updates for Microsoft Teams

BRK4013: Quality in Meetings and Calling in Microsoft Teams Deep dive

BRK3169: Understanding calling usage and diagnosing call failures in Microsoft Teams

BRK2461: How to choose, deploy and manage the right Teams Devices

BRK4014: Deep dive on Office 365 Direct Routing

BRK4016: Understanding Media Flows in Microsoft Teams

BRK3229: Everything you need to know about Skype for Business Server

BRK3124: How Skype for Business on-premises customers can take advantage of Teams meetings


Extending Platform and Apps

Last but not least, API’s. Although not a requirement for most companies, these 5 sessions are dedicated to understanding the available API’s and extensive capabilities that they can provide to Microsoft Teams. Show your users the real power of the Microsoft Teams platform:

BRK2453: Drive Digital Transformation through Apps in Microsoft Teams

BRK3119: Deep Dive into Building Apps for Microsoft Teams

BRK2463: Introduction to programmable voice and video in Microsoft Teams

BRK3122: Connecting Microsoft Teams to third-party meeting room devices with Cloud Video Interop

BRK3136: How to manage secure, custom applications in Microsoft Teams


Learning Paths

Now that you have an idea of what Microsoft Ignite has to offer, it is important to determine which learning path(s) fits you best. To do this Microsoft has a role-based recommendation plan that includes not only break-out and theater sessions resources, but also recommended labs, certifications exams, hands-on workshops, and shared experiences like Immersion Zone. If you’re reading this article it is likely that you have some role using Microsoft Teams, so assuming this I’d recommend you check out the following Learning Paths:

Unified Communications Manager

Are you a veteran UC IT Pro? Do you support your organization’s Enterprise Voice infrastructure? If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions I’d recommend you check out this learning path. This learning path covers all things cloud voice/communications and shows you what the future of Intelligent Communications looks like, including the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. More info here!


Application Administrator – Teamwork

Let’s say you don’t only manage Teams or Skype for Business, but instead the entire enterprise teamwork and collaboration platforms (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer). For best practices on how to leverage O365 teamwork products and services as well as deep dives into configuration, management, and customization check it out here.


User Productivity Manager

What if you are the Productivity Manager for your organization? Microsoft has you covered with your own dedicated learning path which covers the process of transitioning to Microsoft Office 365. As the internal stakeholder for all business process requirements and recommendations, it is important to understand what productivity tools to use. Follow this learning path if you’ll be the one working with IT to get these tools implemented and adopted throughout your organization. More info here!

As you can see, there is no lack of content for Microsoft Teams at Ignite, if anything it’s the exact opposite! Check back next week, as this is the most exciting time of the year for Microsoft and they will be releasing tons of exciting news of the new few days!






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