Newest Microsoft Technology Center Opens in St. Louis

When you think of digital transformation, do you have a future vision? Or are you trying to solve a pain point that only a major transformation will fix? Maybe it’s a combination of both.

If you’re in our headquarters hometown of St. Louis, we’ve got great news for you. Yesterday marked the opening of the newest Microsoft Technology Center. Offering an unparalleled resource for those exploring digital transformation, the STL MTC can help accelerate your journey.

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Located in the city’s Cortex Community – a centrally located hub of technology and innovation – the STL MTC offers every bit the state-of-the-art collaborative space that Microsoft’s world-class technology centers typically offer.

Just one of many collaboration rooms in the St. Louis MTC.

But the key focus of the space, as explained by Microsoft Mid-America General Manager, Erving Flores, is bringing together clients and partners in a way that enables them to build new solutions and technologies, and remain at the forefront of transforming digitally.

As Flores previously stated of Microsoft’s MTC vision:
“We’re going through the next phase of a revolution, which is the digital transformation revolution. We’re seeing more businesses digitizing their assets, digitizing their data and actually changing their business model. I would encourage everyone to ask themselves: ‘Where am I in that digital transformation journey?’ ”

The question may well lead to an exploration of all the MTC has to offer. From strategy briefings and POCs, to workshops and architecture design sessions, Microsoft’s technology centers are designed to provide the space and technology that enable collaboration for those in the room or around the world. To determine if leveraging a facility is something you should consider, visit the MTC websitefor more information including videos and descriptions of various activities the center can accommodate.

It’s probably no surprise that we are excited about the new STL MTC. After all, it’s in our headquarters backyard. But what is most exciting is the opportunity we have before us to better collaborate and innovate with our clients. We look forward to new possibilities and helping clients realize their future visions.

We’d love to know, have you visited or leveraged an MTC? Please share your experience with us by posting in the comments section below.

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