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Delivering Values Over Targets – Not Only in Office, at Home as Well

I recently wrote about Synergizing Agile Projects – the moment I realized the benefits of understanding Values over Targets. To my surprise, I had already applied it in certain home instances as well.

It occurred when I had a second baby after my 6-year-old daughter, and she was expecting a sister but it turned out to be a brother!

Values Over Targets

Targets set:

  • Make my daughter accept her little brother
  • Avoid or at least lower sibling rivalry

Strategy used: Unknown then


I was advised to pamper my elder daughter as the younger one is yet to understand speech. I did that.

Along with the pampering, I kept telling her that:

  • She was like a little mother to her brother.
  • She will be her brother’s guide, role model, and mentor.
  • We trust it’s safer that an elder sibling is there to take care of the young one now.

I kept telling the same to my son also, from the time he could understand.


Targets Achieved:

  • My daughter accepts her brother and says she could not have been happier with anyone else.
  • Sibling rivalry, though not avoided, is at much lower levels.

Values Added:

Sure, it’s a time-consuming implementation. After three long years, I can assure that:

  • Both of my kids have learned to accommodate and respect differences, share opportunities, understand equal rights.
  • My daughter has developed good mentorship, and a caring nature – sometimes a bit bossy but mostly caring.
  • My son has learned and taught stuff from and to my daughter.

I hope they understand values over targets in all their endeavors, thus delivering both targets and values.

All the best kiddos! You both have taught me the strategy of Understanding Values over Targets.

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