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Holiday Prep for Your Google Shopping Ads, #3: Titles and Labels

Product titles and descriptions are crucial for long-term success. When people search, they scan and look for whatever matches the text they typed in, often ignoring the rest. Since Google Shopping campaigns aren’t keyword-targeted, making that connection for the shopper requires analysis, optimization, and tweaking of titles and descriptions to include the most common variations of what your buyers are typing into the search engine.
Here’s how you can improve:

Update Titles

Explore search queries for your top products and change titles to include common and important keywords.

List Differentiators

Include key differentiators (e.g. youth, gender, colors, sizes, brands) in titles as necessary.

Front-Load Information

Place the most important keywords towards the beginning of the title, since ad titles are often truncated.
Google also provides you with up to five custom labels that can include any data you want. This means you have hundreds of options to better organize, group, and promote products that share similarities, giving you significant control based on your company needs.
Examples include:


Clothing retailers using Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter to push seasonal styles at the right time of year.

Profit Margins

Hardware stores using high, medium, and low labels to better promote high-margin items (power tools and heavy machinery) and cut spend on low-cost and low-margin items (mailbox stickers, pencils).

Shipping Status

Drop-ship companies using stocked and drop-shipped labels to handle shipping promotions separately.
For more tips on how to make the most of your Google Shopping ads during the holiday shopping rush, download our free guide, 5 Ways to Win at Google Shopping this Holiday Season.

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