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DevOps: Puppet’s 2018 State of DevOps Report

Devops: Puppet's 2018 State Of Devops Report

 It’s finally here! One of the largest and most comprehensive DevOps reports in the industry, the 2018 State of DevOps Report brought to you by Puppet and Splunk. 

This year, the report is less about the state of DevOps and more about “how.” While it is important to understand the industry, it’s even more helpful to organizations if they can start to look at how they can elevate and evolve DevOps at their own organization. 

The benefits are clear, but the path to getting there is much more challenging. In fact, we’ve had our own struggles implementing DevOps. This has led us to develop innovative solutions to encourage more collaboration and allow other teams to learn from mistakes already made. 

Read the Report here.

So, whether you are just starting, trying to get unstuck or you’ve finally figured out how to get to the highest level of your DevOps journey, the report offers valuable insights. 

Keep an eye out for the 2018 PSL DevOps ebook featuring plenty of helpful insights into the “hows” of DevOps.

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