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Why Your Upcoming Migration Is An Opportunity

When you hear you need to migrate your marketing automation platform, I would bet your first thought isn’t “Wow, I’m so excited for this!”. I am willing to bet your reaction more likely falls somewhere between anxiety and frustration.
After all, the detailed marketing plan you created didn’t include this. It didn’t allow for downtime for switching your system over. It didn’t include you stepping back from your busy marketing calendar to guide perhaps one of the most complex projects you’ve been a part of.
However, after the dust settles and you accept this has to happen, I’m going to challenge you to consider the idea that this is actually an opportunity. Here’s why.
1. You Get To Throw Out What’s Not Working
Having to map your existing platform to a new instance forces you to analyze e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. What worked three years ago may not work for your growing team today. Fields, data, assets, campaigns, program structure, attribution… this is your opportunity to throw out what’s not working and build new.
2. You Can Choose Your Desired Future State
After you determine what’s not working, you get to choose your desired future state and create it in a new instance of your platform. It’s like moving into a brand new house. You walk through each room and decide the best way to arrange things. The new instance is the same. You get to decide how to set everything up in the way that best enables your team to succeed.
3. You Can Take What You’ve Learned And Create A New Reality
You’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge by working in the platform over the years. You see nuances you didn’t notice when you first started. This is your chance to take that knowledge and ask “How can we make this better?” and then actually go make it better. I personally love change so fresh beginnings get me all kinds of excited. If this isn’t you, don’t panic. But I would still argue that this isn’t the time for “Sure we wish it was set up a different way, but we can’t change it. Just make it work.” Nope. This 100% IS the time to change it. And that’s something I think is worth getting excited about.
4. You Can Improve Your Path for Success In Your Organization
Finally, starting over fresh with a clean new platform is a huge opportunity for success. No longer bogged down with outdated structure, you are free to run. You can take the expertise you’ve gained by using the platform all this time and re-design it from the ground up to meet your current needs. Your company’s objectives have likely evolved as well and now you can align the new instance to the current objectives, spotlighting the champion problem solver that you are.
I’m not saying migrations are simple. As an agency, we have guided many clients through migrations and understand the complexities and critical dependencies these projects present. However, with the right team at your side providing expertise and excellent project management, your migration can be an incredible opportunity to propel your team and business forward.

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