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Perficient Recommended Among Top Digital Process Automation Service Vendors


Digital process automation (DPA) continues to garner attention for its ability to support digital transformation. More than ever, leaders are looking to expand their DPA services from their pre-existing BPM practices in order to meet the growing demands of consumers.

As a result of these increased demands, the focus of digital process automation has moved from concern about cost reduction to an emphasis on digital transformation. Traditional methodologies are being redefined to focus on customer journeys and to ensure a seamless, end-to-end user experience.

Organization leaders looking to evolve their DPA services face challenges with the complexities of this process. They look to service providers to help them optimize processes to support customer experiences and to drive digital transformation at a strategic level that ensures overall change management.

Forrester’s recent report, “Now Tech: Digital Process Automation Service Providers, Q3 2018,” recommends Perficient among 18 top providers. The report advises application development and delivery professionals on choosing the right partner for DPA implementation.

Since the span of software reach for end-to-end automation is much greater than that of traditional BPM practices, organizations must move towards systems where business users are in charge of development processes. Organizations unsure of how to approach this necessary change management, seek out professional services firms to guide them through the process. In finding the right firm, Forrester suggests assessing your organization’s needs, which includes:

  • Determining the scope of your DPA effort
  • Identifying the role of process in your digital transformation strategy

From this assessment, the next step is to identify what focus(es) your service provider needs to have – business transformation, technology implementation, or customer experience.

Within the report, Perficient was identified for our technology implementation expertise, making us an ideal choice for those looking for help in implementation, design, integration, and development.  Additionally, Forrester highlighted our work across several key industries, including financial services, energy and utilities, and healthcare.

We are honored by this recognition because it speaks to the strength of our growing DPA practice. Our inclusion as one of these select service providers signifies the time and effort we put in to developing our own skillsets, certifications, and technical competencies to deliver change to organizations seeking to move beyond their existing BPM practices with new DPA services.

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We understand the value and innovative benefits that DPA provides to organizations. If you’re ready to grow your digital process automation practice, reach out to one of our specialists.

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