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Visibility and Value in the Healthcare Performance

Data Science Model Presentation

Healthcare practitioners must untangle the complex relationship of data analytics in order to provide a proper value for patients.


To ensure that patients receive the best care possible, healthcare teams must continuously monitor the performance of the healthcare facility and the daily operations. With open visibility, practitioners establish a sense of trust and with their patients due to a high level of transparency.

“What we really need in order to improve outcomes is end-to-end visibility across the spectrum of care at a service line level,”

-David Delaney, MD, Chief Medical Officer at SAP.

Today, customers do not necessarily have direct access to dependable, real-time data on a granular level. Healthcare practitioners and managers must provide visibility into complex metrics to ensure all parties are on the same level of communication, and educated properly.

With this high level of data gathering, the reports and dashboards can provide performance improvements and predictions over time, and provide a sustainable foundation for benchmarking.


“As the healthcare system starts to realize the importance of using data analytics to develop this visibility into value, the marketplace will generate the tools required to innovate and make sure that every patient is receiving the best possible care along the right service lines,”

-David Delaney, MD, Chief Medical Officer at SAP.

Communicating with patients throughout their hospital journey by means of education and visual charts empowers the patient to take an active role in their health and comfort. It’s also an occasion to prompt patients to provide collaborating feedback to their caregivers.

By boosting patient feedback and encouraging patient behaviors, healthcare providers can promote a more positive hospital experience and better overall health

The idea of transparency and value is to engage the patient and allow them to be in the middle of their healthcare experience. With a greater understanding of the specific situation and medication, the more likely the patient is able to better take care of themselves.

Connecting the patient to the healthcare provider, will enhance the communication and visibility levels to ensure the outcome is positive. Thus, optimizing the value based care that the industry is switching to.

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