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5 Ways to Identify User Trends with Surveys


Why Guess at User Trends?

With advancements in technology paired with our everyday consumer experiences, today’s user trends are in constant flux. When the technology that’s supposed to help us doesn’t, it’s frustrating, and even with the most successful projects, your users are going to have questions.

Identifying the reasons behinds user trends can sometimes be a guessing game, however there are several data measuring tools available to help. One extremely useful tactic and a best practice we recommend (and use ourselves) is the regular use of user surveys.

Implementing Survey Feedback

Receiving and implementing the learnings and suggestions from surveys is not an overnight process. When you’re receiving feedback, it’s important that your users feel heard, even if you can’t address all feedback. Consider starting a “You Asked, We Listened” program where you address some recurring employee feedback items every quarter.

Survey Tip #1: Ask Open-Ended Questions

How do you use Salesforce? Talk me through your process.
What do you like best about Salesforce?
What would you change about Salesforce?
What is most frustrating about Salesforce?
What information do you need that you can’t find?

Survey Tip #2: Learn About Your User

How long have you been using Salesforce?
Rate your overall productivity using Salesforce:  (more) 1-10 (less)
Rate your overall satisfaction with Salesforce: (more) 1-10 (less)

Survey Tip #3: Assess Usability & Training Opportunities

I have the tools I need to do my job: Yes or No
It’s easy to work in Salesforce: Yes or No

Survey Tip #4: Use a Survey App

Use a survey app to conduct a formal survey, measure overall satisfaction, and identify any pain points. This can be useful for tracking responses, blind surveys, and many have prebuilt templates to get you set up and sending in just a few clicks. Some popular survey tools include Survey Monkey, Google Forms, and Doodle (best for scheduling).

Bonus: Poll Straight From Salesforce in Chatter

Create an informal Chatter poll to gather quick insights. Users can also provide written feedback in the poll’s comment thread.

Survey Tip #5: Build Focus Groups

Bring together a group of customers or employees and let them answer a set of specific questions. Assign a moderator for a guided discussion or let the group take the conversation away. Document the discussion in a report and share learnings with your team.

Your Turn

You can use several methods to survey your employees and customers, and a combination of various forms is best. Additionally, we discuss several ways to use employee communities below for feedback. Which methods do you use to collect feedback? Let us know in the comments below.

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