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The Importance of a Digital Strategy for Women’s Health Services

The strategy for women’s health and well-being has been widely discussed at global and domestic levels for many years.

With life expectancy remaining higher for women than it has for men, a shift towards prevention and wellness, the rapid adoption of digital technologies improving accessing to a wealth of healthcare information and services at the touch of a fingertip and much more, women are increasingly participating in decision-making on their health throughout their entire life-course.

Creating and maintaining a strategy for women’s health services that has a presence on your digital channels has become imperative for many healthcare providers as websites, mobile applications and virtual services are often the first point of call for many patients/consumers.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider whose women’s health services strategy focuses on the determinants of women’s health across the entire life from adolescent to senior adult, or have expertise in diagnosing and treating certain conditions that affect women differently than men, there are some steps you can take to adopt a digital experience that supports the care provided for women.

The below are tactics that can form part of your overall digital strategy.

  • Across your website and mobile applications have a dedicated area that supports consumers/patients in understanding the full breadth of services you offer for women. This includes highlighting your expertise in obstetrics and gynecology, specific health conditions and illnesses that commonly impact women, or other services related to the entire life-course should you offer them that apply such as primary care.
  • Educate patients/consumers in good health and well-being through advice, tips, and good habits to form. Focusing on information on the stages of a woman’s life for example by decade from adolescence/young adult through to senior adult will assist consumers/patients in finding relevant information. In addition to this, frequently updating content on your website will keep your digital content fresh and help engage consumers/patients over a longer period of time.
  • As an organization show your support for women’s health by participating in events such as National Women’s Health Week organized by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office. There are also a number specialized health awareness weeks and months to participate in including, American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women®. Show and share your support for these across your digital channels.
  • Invest in social media campaigns that focus on delivering high quality content regarding women’s health will give your content a boost by reaching a large audience with the use of relevant hashtags. This is another way to keep consumers/patients engaged in your content and can provide a wide variety of topics for your digital content calendar.

In essence, adopting tactics across your digital channels that supports and advocates women’s health, can assist you in having a digital strategy that segments and targets specific patients/consumers.

There many patient/consumer segments to target according to the healthcare services you offer, communicating with each of these across digital channels is one step of many to support the patient experience.

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