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Sitecore Special: An Updated Email Experience

Sitecore Exm Image

While email has been a part of the Sitecore platform for a number of years now, the release of the Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) 3.5 shows significant improvements with the email functionality that will allow marketers to gain the benefits of this in-platform feature.

Sitecore EXM helps companies communicate with customers in real-time with personalized and/or triggered messaging across channels. One of the great benefits is that the EXM empowers marketers to use one customer data set (i.e. list of contacts) and set of tools to deliver continuous engagement based on user’s behavior across channels – both online and offline. It’s ability to capture email stats and deliver near real-time reports on performance helps provide insights into what is working in the customer journey – from email to website visits, page events and goals accrued, and MORE!

In addition to EXM’s core capabilities that include segmented lists, personalized email content, testing of email content and the ability to QA emails prior to send, the latest version of EXM offers some pretty neat updates including:

  • Microsoft Azure deployment
  • New information in the reporting dashboard
  • Invalid recipients reporting and handling improvements
  • Use custom tokens for better personalization
  • Central configuration for multiple sites or languages

With these EXM updates, Sitecore now offers email at greater scale with more global coverage and enhanced features that empower marketers to not only communicate more efficiently through automated processes, but better understand customer needs through cross-channel reporting and insights within the Sitecore platform.

Interested in discussing new EXM 3.5 updates and how EXM can help you and your organization? Shoot over a contact form here.

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Jill Grozalsky

Jill Grozalsky is an award-winning digital marketer and expert in personalization, user segmentation, testing, and comprehensive marketing strategies. Jill helps her clients deliver the best customer experience possible. She helps clients develop digital roadmaps and marketing programs aimed at achieving near-term results and long-term growth from digital assets. In addition, Jill works with clients to develop data-driven segmentation strategies across technologies to help drive personalized engagement while building brand loyalty.

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