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“No One Has Ever Shut a Door” at Perficient

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, David Chapman, General Manager and Chief Strategist, Organizational Change Management, writes about being in awe of his colleagues and grateful for the experiences he’s had while working at Perficient. 

When I think about why I take a lot of pride in working at Perficient, it’s really the people. Leading a national practice in terms of Change Management, I have the opportunity to work with colleagues all over the country – from all of our practices, industries, and technologies – and I’m continually impressed with how sharp they are and how many awards they win.

My Colleagues Continually Impress Me

We have some of the top thought leaders in the world working at Perficient. It’s humbling and amazing to watch them in front of our clients and the way that they help our clients work through solutions.

I know with the team we have we are going to be successful on each project we do. We can overcome any challenge that’s put before us because of our people.

I Have Never Felt More Support

For me, Perficient has been an outstanding time period in my life. I have never felt more support from my colleagues – from my immediate boss all the way to the C level – in terms of what I do. No one has ever shut a door. If I’ve had a question, or I’ve had an idea, they’ve always been more than willing to listen. They may not choose to accept everything I have to say, but at the end of the day, it’s been a place that I’ve felt supported.

Perficient is a place where I can grow my career and really feel the reward of what a professional workplace ought to be like.

Throughout 2018, we will be sharing our colleagues’ firsthand experiences with each of our core values and how they’re living and breathing them every day. 

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David Chapman

David is the General Manager for Perficient's Organizational Change Management practice, part of the Strategic Advisors Team. He has over twenty years of consulting experience and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Be sure to also check out David’s personal blog. It focuses on collaboratively building the breadth and depth of our collective change management knowledge based on insights and experiences shared to help one another grow.

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