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Common Ingestion Framework

Big Data is the way to move forward for all enterprises today. May it be healthcare, retail, finance or manufacturing, everyone is at different stages in their journey to create their industry-grade, enterprise-ready Data Lake repository.

Data Lake forms the core foundation for companies in their journey to build state-of-the-art intelligent applications and provide cutting-edge services. If this foundation is not architected smartly and robustly, everything starts falling apart like a house of cards.

Architecting and implementing big data pipelines to ingest structured & unstructured data of constantly changing volumes, velocities and varieties from several different data sources and organizing everything together in a secure, robust and intelligent data lake is an art more than science. This is where Perficient’s Common Ingestion Framework (CIF) steps in.

After working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies from various domains and understanding the challenges involved while implementing such complex solutions, we have created a cutting-edge, next-gen metadata-driven Data Ingestion Platform.

Some highlights of our Common Ingestion Framework include:

  • A metadata-driven solution that not only assembles and organizes data in a central repository but also places huge importance on Data Governance, Data Security, and Data Lineage.
  • Cloud-agnostic solutions that will work with any cloud provider and also be deployed on-premises.
  • A robust, flexible, efficient and futuristic Big Data Architecture.
  • Built-in intelligence for transforming, standardizing and handling data.
  • Enables organizations for building analytical solutions and intelligent dashboards.
  • Creates a foundation for futuristic machine learning and data science applications.

Sounds exciting, right?

Get in touch with us to know more about this new framework and leverage our big data expertise. It’s time to get your hands dirty by building a quick POC and getting the ball rolling in your big data journey.


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Harshil Shah, Technical Consultant

Algorithms Developer with expertise in working with high dimensional data including images and unbalanced datasets. As a Data Scientist, I create and implement algorithms that transform hurdles faced in the field of big data using powerful cutting-edge technologies and tools like machine learning, pattern recognition, and visual analytics. Specialties: - Pattern Recognition - Visual Analytics - Machine Learning - Feature Engineering - Data Science

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