What is the Oracle Projects Calendar? Oracle Projects Considerations Part 3
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What is the Oracle Projects Calendar? Oracle Projects Considerations Part 3

In Part 2 of this Oracle Project series I discussed Project Type Classes. Here, in Part 3, I will discuss the Oracle Projects Calendar options available and how they benefit your company. The primary driver of which option is time card entry followed by reporting requirements.

Your Oracle Projects Calendar options are: a duplicate of your GL calendar, or a variation of a 4-4-5 or weekly PA period calendar.

Right out of the box your Project Calendar option is to mirror the GL periods. This facilitates control at the GL level to keep your PA periods in sync with the GL periods.

Secondly, is the 4-4-5 calendar. This can be deployed in 4-5-4 and 5-4-4 configurations. For representation I will speak in terms of “4-4-5.” This calendar type makes the first and second months of a quarter 4 weeks, and the last month of a quarter 5 weeks.

You will notice that in calendar terms your periods do NOT end or begin in on the actual first or last day of a month. What this achieves is a clean end to the work week. This facilitates labor costing by allowing time entry based on your typical work week; for example the work week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday.

Lastly, you might choose to deploy PA Period calendar for each week of your year. This facilitates very tight controls for entering, transacting, and reporting on labor and expenses. This option requires closing these PA periods each week which is not that daunting of a task.

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