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How You Interact Digitally Matters in the Car Rental Industry

While mobility and connected cars remain two of the most talked-about topics in the industry, car rental companies continue to invest heavily in other forms of digital transformation because they realize that providing an incredible customer experience is important to their business. Whether it involves making a reservation on the company’s website or making a reservation on its mobile app, a positive impression is vital. Simplifying and making the reservation process clear and understandable are essential. Companies must ensure they are selling ancillary products or value-added services (e.g., bundling) whenever possible, by making certain customers know all their options. A direct correlation exists between how a company interacts digitally (i.e., the entire customer journey) and conversions and strong bookings.

With the unveiling of a new mobile app, Advantage Rent A Car is one company that continues to embrace digital transformation. “The app is part of our commitment to offer customers the most helpful technological conveniences and make car rental as hassle-free as possible,” Advantage CEO and president Scott Davido said. “It is designed specifically to support the way people rent vehicles today – when they need them, on their schedule, and on a device that works best for them.”

Recently, Hertz announced that it is developing a new mobile-first strategy that will include the rollout of enhanced digital and customer management platforms in 2018. The hope is that customers will have more ways to engage with the Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty brands.

Digital and the deployment of modern technology remain the cornerstones of today’s investment decisions, for the simple fact that in recent years customer expectations have changed immensely. Strong brands like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, which investors often refer to as FAANG, have changed consumer behavior. Not only have the successful ways in which these companies operate altered our expectations as customers, they have forced car rental companies to think and act differently. Everyone is looking for personalization, ease of use, and innovation. Companies must think as if Amazon can enter into their business tomorrow.

The car rental industry is embracing people’s changing habits and a new operating environment. Car rental companies are responding with intelligent strategies, innovative ideas, and technology investments that can help drive operational efficiency, growth, and profitability. These are the strategic initiatives on which industry executives must focus to remain relevant. To learn more, download our new guide: 2018 State of the Car Rental Industry.

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