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My Perficient Teammates Made Me Feel Right at Home My First Day

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Lauren Taylor, an associate technical consultant, writes about her experiences with her teammates at Perficient.

I knew I made the right choice to work at Perficient my first day on the job. I started as an associate technical consultant based out of Perficient’s Chicago office three weeks after I graduated from Ball State University. I had interned at Perficient the summer before my senior year, so I had already worked with much of the team.

As a result, I instantly reconnected with the friends I made from the previous year. And teammates I hadn’t met yet welcomed me with open arms. I felt right at home thanks to the kind and supportive nature of my peers.

Learning the Ropes as an Intern

During my internship, I learned a multitude of technologies that Perficient often uses when working with clients. Over the summer, I practiced, and built projects that covered these subjects. It was a great opportunity to apply what I’ve learned from school and expand into new areas.

Hitting the Ground Running

When I got the job at Perficient, I was overjoyed. I beamed with excitement all day. I now advise and deliver products to organizations to help them achieve their business objectives. I’ve done back-end and front-end development using Visual Studio. I’ve also gathered research that has aided with a client’s decision of a potential upgrade to their current product.

Collaborating with Teammates Comes Easy

Working with my colleagues is pretty seamless. Everyone is open to answering questions, and they know who to refer to if they don’t have the answers. The open environment and layout of our office helps to foster communication as well.

Bonding on Personal and Professional Levels

I’ve had the good fortune to really get to know my co-workers outside of our day-to-day duties. They are all engaging and have unique interests and passions outside of technology, too. The people at Perficient have made my start in the professional world an exceptional one.

Throughout 2018, we will be sharing our colleagues’ firsthand experiences with each of our core values and how they’re living and breathing them every day. 

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