The Most Valuable Benefit of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Advising the Advisor: Are you thinking far enough ahead? Here’s how

How familiar is your organization with the flexibility and integration Financial Services Cloud offers? The solution helps improve the customer experience, strengthen client relationships, and drive new business by integrating sales, service, and marketing. Digital transformation impacts every area of an organization, and companies that delay or ignore it risk becoming irrelevant.

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud transforms how wealth and asset management, banking, and insurance companies work with customers, as well as within their own organizations.

Buckingham Strategic Wealth knew that to remain competitive in the financial services industry, it needed to prepare advisors, clients, and itself. View this webinar replay below to learn about their unique implementation of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, the use of the Orion Connect from Orion Strategic Advisors, and how change management played a role in delivering a path for their long-term vision.

Discussed in the webinar:

  • What to consider before choosing Salesforce
  • The strategy Buckingham used for the implementation
  • Why integrations and flexibility are vital for financial services customers
  • Tips for increasing user adoption
  • Key takeaways


Why Financial Services Companies Choose Salesforce

Perficient implemented Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud for Buckingham Strategic Wealth in 2017 and when asked what was it about Salesforce that made that tool stand out to be their pick of choice, the most important thing they were looking for was… flexibility. They need a technology with the ability to grow with the company. The incredible integration availability with Salesforce proved to be a key deciding factor in Buckingham’s technology of choice.

Why Financial Services Companies Choose Perficient

Perficient has a history of successful technology implementations for financial services companies, using Salesforce and more to shape the future of financial services with technology solutions that support the increasing demands the industry faces.

Learn more about our Financial Services expertise here

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Meet Our Panelists

We have an extremely talented panel lined up to discuss the ins and outs of a Financial Services Cloud implementation and what you should know when considering Salesforce.

John Spyers, Director of Operations, Buckingham Strategic Wealth

John oversees the day-to-day management of the Technology and Data, Marketing and Events, and Onboarding & Integration teams. He helps identify and design solutions that allow Buckingham’s technology and other operational areas to be better utilized in order to improve processes and increase efficiency.

Find John on LinkedIn

Learn more about Buckingham Strategic Wealth

David Chapman, Organizational Change Management, Perficient

David Chapman has over 20 years of change management and process improvement experience for a vast array of clients.  David’s team helps clients modify behavior leading to high levels of adoption around business and system transformations.

Find David on LinkedIn

Learn more about Organizational Change Management

Joe Leyboldt, Technology & Integrations, Orion Advisor Services, LLC

Joe’s team oversees all relationships, development roadmaps, and support for more than 76 integrations with Orion. Joe has been with Orion for 20 years and aspires most to help advisors “Enjoy Their Business” through Orion’s technology and integration capabilities.

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Learn more about Orion Advisor Services


View Perspectives on a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Implementation

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