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Teams for Education Updates – May 2018

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Teachers do so much for our students, they inspire us, motivate us, and shape our future. As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, Microsoft is thanking our teaching community with some new features within Microsoft Teams for Education. Microsoft has been visiting classrooms around the world to see how teachers and students are using Teams for education. Although Teams is still in its infancy, Microsoft has made leaps and bounds with the application by catering to businesses and schools. Microsoft has taken feedback from teachers and students and has made some great improvements to Teams. With the latest update, Microsoft Teams has added the following features:

Sharing Assignments to Individual Students

Now teachers will have the ability to post assignments to individuals, small groups, or the full class. This will allow teachers to tailor assignments specifically for individuals in the classroom based on their learning styles and academic abilities.


Schedule to Post Assignments

Teachers can share learning activities with their students at the precise time that they need it. In addition, teachers can schedule to post an assignment in advance.


Provide Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important aspects of being a teacher. Without feedback our students will miss out on valuable information. With that said, teachers can now provide iterative, personalized, and actionable feedback to their students in real-time while their students are working on their assignments. Assignment submissions can also be resubmitted and improved continuously based on the teachers feedback.


Rich Text Editing for Assignment Instructions

Try to contain your excitement teachers. You can now you can bolditalicize, and make bulleted or numbered lists in your assignment instructions. This will allow teachers to markup documents and create even richer learning activities.


Turn-in Celebrations!

Microsoft wants to make using Teams a fun and collaborative experience for everyone including our students. So to reward our bright minds for their hard work, Microsoft has added a fun little celebration for when students submit their work for feedback!




Microsoft only plans on expanding Teams for Education features and functionality in the coming months, so look for some exciting updates to come in the near future. Once again, just a big thank you to all of our teachers working their hardest to shape the minds of our students and creating intelligent, passionate students. For the full blog post from Microsoft, check it out here.

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