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Salesforce Service Cloud Features That are Cause for Celebration

It’s a Summer ’18 Release Salesforce Service Cloud Party!

The Salesforce Summer ’18 Release is here and it’s time to celebrate the arrival of new Salesforce Service Cloud features! These enhancements will allow you to boost agent productivity and streamline your business.

You can lighten your teams workload by building Einstein Bots to deflect routine requests, configure Lightning Guided Engagement to create standard flows for your agents to use, and route cases to the correct agents sooner with new Omni-Channel features.

Translations for knowledge are now available in Lightning Experience along with some awesome new knowledge management features. Finally the best of all: a new service focused mobile app that lets your reps work and close cases while on the go.

Check out some highlights of the Summer ’18 release for Service Cloud below.

Einstein Bots

Bots free your agents from doing routine and repetitive tasks which lets them spend more time on doing complex work that cannot be automated by technology. Repetitive tasks like providing a password reset or order status can now be done by Einstein Bots without any human intervention.

Einstein bots are connected to all of your CRM data, which includes all customer data your existing business processes. If the bot runs into a situation where it cannot complete the task, the bot can escalate to an agent. If your organization uses Live Agent, bots can be set up to gather pre-chat information from your customers. Bots can also be trained to better understand your customers’ inputs in the chat window.

Implementing these bots are easy with the Einstein Bot Builder that allows you to easily build and deploy bots that are menu or button driven. So what are you waiting for? Get those bots set up and save your agents from repetitive tasks!

Click here for more information on Einstein Bots

Service Console

Lightning Guided Engagement

Lightning Guided Engagement walks your agents through your business processes right inside the console and is now generally available! Different flows can be set up for each channel so that you are tailoring your actions based on how the customer contacts you.

Additionally, if an agent ends their shift before a case is resolved, these flows allow another agent to pick up where they left off without having to have the customer repeat any information. If your organization uses Live Agent, agents can view the chat and a list of flows at the same time. The best part — all of this can be done using clicks and not code!

You can determine required flows as well as allow your agents the options to add flows as needed based on the customer. Lightning Guided Engagement is incredibly valuable for call scripting and being able to set standard procedures for handling customer inquiries no matter the channel. It also provides a uniform way to verify contact information and collect necessary data when opening a case.

Click here for more information on Lightning Guided Engagement

Community 360

If your org is using Community 360, agents can now see if a customer has looked at any assets, contracts, custom objects, orders, products, and tasks before calling support. This helps the agent arm themselves with the appropriate tools to provide more relevant help to the customer. By not repeating resources that the customer has already looked at, agents can save their time as well as the customers’ time and get the case to resolution sooner.

Additionally, a pilot was released for Community 360 to asses a customer’s mood on support calls. The mood is shown to agents and is calculated based on customer’s recent contributions to the community. This sentiment information is helpful to the agents so they know how to handle the customer; they now know if there is a potential to up-sell or if they need to be more careful with the customer because they have a negative sentiment. This feature has only been provided to selected customers through a pilot program and will be interesting to see the impact once it’s released to the general Salesforce community.

Many other changes have been made to the Service Console in the Summer ’18 release — check them all out with the link below!

Click here for more information on Service Console Enhancements

Omni Channel

Skills-Based Routing for Omni-Channel

Skills-Based Routing for Omni-Channel gets the right work to the right agents to resolve cases faster. This improves the customer experience by getting the work to the agent with the right skill set on the first try without having to transfer and change case owners to get to resolution.

Skill-based routing is now available for cases, leads, orders, and custom objects. With this automation, you save time, not only for your customers, but for your agents. If a case does end up with an agent that does not have the appropriate skill set, they are now able to transfer work items to an agent who does. If an agent with the skill is not available, the work item will be listed as pending until one becomes available.

The Summer ’18 release also provides you with the ability to route third-party work items with a partner application using Salesforce standard and streaming APIs. Your agents can now receive work from any source right in the console, keeping them in one tool and removing the need to toggle between systems.

Omni-Channel Supervisor

In addition to all of this, managers can view the work routed by skills in Omni-Channel Supervisor so that they can keep track of agent workloads and backlogs. Information available to them includes agent name, status, skills, work items, workload, and capacity. Admins can also set-up Omni-Channel without having to switch back to Salesforce Classic — Lightning Experience now provides Omni-Channel setup.

Click here for more information on Omni-Channel


The ability to submit an article for translation is now available in Salesforce Lightning! Agents can use a translation action to choose from a list of available languages to create a translated version of the master language. These translated drafts can then be assigned by agents to other users or queues for review and approvals.

Salesforce Lightning now includes some authoring actions as well. Translation managers can now complete the translation management workflow, which includes edit, assign, publish, and delete without having to switch back to Salesforce Classic! When you are reviewing articles that have been translated, you can compare the translated version next to the master article side by side. This allows agents and knowledge base managers the ability to quickly and easily compare the articles to make sure they meet their intended purpose.

Additionally, the new Language Switcher component lets you easily see all available draft and published article versions in your available languages so you have a clear view of translation status of the article.

Click here for more information on Knowledge Enhancements

Service Cloud Mobile

You can now manage cases on the go! Service Cloud Mobile is a new alternative to the Salesforce App which focuses on support. Agents can continue to work and close cases even when they are away from their desktop using their mobile devices.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. With Service Cloud Mobile Agents are no longer tied to their desks, this is particularly helpful for companies with agents who may not always be near their PC.

Click here for more information on Service Cloud Mobile

With all of these awesome features coming to your Salesforce org soon, what are you most looking forward to?

For more details on these features and all of the features being delivered please see the full set of Summer ’18 Release Notes.

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