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Key Strategic Initiatives in the Airline Industry

If you listen closely to industry executives, you’ll note that many of them typically hone in on several key strategic initiatives. Naturally, there’s a crossover between them, and each one can affect the other. Operational performance or operational reliability is one. Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, or brand strength is another. Last but not least are cost-cutting and technology investments.

Airlines are focused less on market share and more on their overall profitability. They are focused on initiatives that can cut costs, yet boost customer satisfaction at the same time. They’re interested in understanding why passengers buy, what they value, and how they can strengthen their relationships with them.

These areas are what companies and their leadership teams think about day in and day out. These are the topics they discuss during management meetings and with shareholders and analysts.

Perficient published a new guide that focuses on the airline industry – the companies that operate air transport networks. It looks at the current and future state of the industry. Specifically, it discusses some of the initiatives on which airlines are focusing in the hopes of driving growth and value for their businesses, as well as their customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

Download the 2018 State of the Airline Industry guide.

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