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Patient Experience Must Become the Top Priority For Providers

Is healthcare shifting its focus to the patient and making emotional experience a priority?

What to know

Healthcare practitioners are developing two contradictory goals; improve the health of the population, while reducing costs. Organizations are presently struggling to remain above the profit margin because the healthcare system was designed and developed to increase revenue by increasing procedure volumes. Which is the opposite of effectiveness.

Additionally, the third piece of the Triple Aim is improving the patient experience and has become a primary focus for leading healthcare organizations.

Solutions For A Better Patient Experience

Happy patients result in more efficient workflow and a better medical outcome. Managing a cost curve while becoming a well-organized unit, maintains a patient-friendly environment. If a patient is relaxed, the individual is prone to remain still during appointments and procedures.

The value of communication, while frequent and consistent, cannot be overstated. This is relevant because a patient requires constant information and communication while conducting a medical journey. Receiving attention and treatment for conditions isn’t a little part of the process, but rather a key portion of the journey.

Maintaining a high level of informing the patient, is a task that all medical and healthcare facilities should master.

Primarily, the patient experience hinders on a certain degree of trust. Not many individuals are educated in the healthcare field, so therefore, it’s quite simple for an individual to get lost in the realm of information found online. With an easy aspect of trust, a potential patient can rely solely on the information they find and reduce anxiety about the care they will receive, and ultimately feel confident in becoming a future patient of a particular organization.

Overall, to improve the patient experience, organizations should begin to reshape their views and approaches. Starting to engage with the potential patient at the research stage all the way to the face-to-face visit, and beyond, will help ensure the patient is treated with care and compassion throughout their journey.

An organization that can build and strengthen a bond between the healthcare facility and the patient will develop a lasting relationship for years to come.

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