What You Missed in Salesforce News – April 9, 2018

Top Salesforce News

  • 3 Easy Steps for Data Management in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft and Announces Integration Cloud
  • Introducing 24×7 Proactive Monitoring
  • What You Need to Know About the Lightning Platform
  • How to Sell Smarter with the New Sales Cloud
  • Quickly and Easily Prevent Duplicate Records
  • Moving From Clicks to Conversation: Finally Analytics You Can Use
  • Improve Your Org with Salesforce Optimizer
  • 4 Trends Customer Service Teams Are Using to Kill the Competition
  • Salesforce Summer ’18 Sandbox Preview Instructions
  • Clients in Financial Services Cloud

It’s impossible to keep up with all the developments and breaking news that surround Salesforce. Luckily, you’ve got us. Here are some of the top stories of the past week.

3 Easy Steps for Data Management in Salesforce

Business decisions rely heavily on data and metrics. It is critical to properly and securely manage your data to facilitate informed decision-making. Imagine the repercussions of duplicate customer records in your reports, or unreliable opportunities in your sales funnel or worse yet, inaccurate quarter-end metrics. So whether you are migrating data from a legacy system, building reports to share with management teams, planning territories, and assigning sales quotas, or reaching out to customers to build relationships – you have to ensure that account, lead, contact and customer data is accurate, clean, and complete. But where do you start? Here are three key steps to creating a solid foundation on which to build reporting complexities without fear of poor data quality. Keep reading

Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft and Announces Integration Cloud

Salesforce aficionados’ ears perked up last week with the acquisition of MuleSoft for $6.5B, and even more so when the fastest-growing software company on the globe announced Integration Cloud, a solution that directly impacts the future of Salesforce in a big way. Keep reading

Introducing 24×7 Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring, a new Success Cloud monitoring and issue-response service that combines Salesforce technology, Salesforce insight, and Salesforce technical guidance to minimize the risk of business disruption. If you are running critical business processes on Salesforce, you need near-real-time monitoring and alerts to warn you earlier and help you prevent and respond to issues quickly if your Salesforce org slows down or goes down. And, of course, you want this to come with technical guidance from our experts, all tailored to how you use Salesforce. Keep reading

What You Need to Know About the Lightning Platform

The Lightning Platform is an app development platform that makes building apps faster, easier, and more fun. It empowers the next generation of app creators in every corner of the business to join forces with IT and turn their ideas into working apps that transform business. The Lightning Platform is where you build a better business and make everyone more productive. Build better apps together on the Lightning Platform. Keep reading

How to Sell Smarter with the New Sales Cloud

Think Salesforce is only about managing your accounts and opportunities? Think again. Find out how you can now use the World’s #1 Sales Platform to manage every customer touchpoint, from lead to loyalty. You will also learn how easy it is for your sales team to use artificial intelligence to sell smarter and hear from other customer Trailblazers who are taking advantage of huge opportunity around AI.

Quickly and Easily Prevent Duplicate Records

Duplicate records are a challenge faced by all companies on various levels and lead to bad data. Being proactive in preventing duplicate records will pay off significantly and save you hours in cleanup efforts and lost productivity. If you are a new org, now is the time to put some preventative measures in place. If you are an established org, it’s not too late to start preventing duplicates. Every duplicate prevented is one less you will have to clean up later. Keep reading

Moving From Clicks to Conversation: Finally Analytics You Can Use

What if the salesperson could just express what they actually want from the data and the system generates the result in real-time? It is much easier to just ask the sales analytics application, “Provide me with the top accounts by annual revenue.” There are no clicks needed to generate a compound query. All that is required is a simple question. The good news is that this idealized version of data utilization is now achievable. The Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform now offers a breakthrough approach to analytics called Conversational Queries. Unique to the analytics market, Conversational Queries offers a new way to explore data and get answers to questions faster, eliminating clicks and the training required to create and drill down into charts. Keep reading

Improve Your Org with Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce is incredibly powerful, but as admins know, maintaining a suite of features across your org can be challenging. Optimizer takes the guesswork out of how to best maintain features to help your users get work done.

4 Trends Customer Service Teams Are Using to Kill the Competition

The customer experience is more important than price. Service and support have become differentiators, and today’s customers only want to buy from companies that provide a quality “experience,” or top-notch service from end-to-end. That means the customer experience is now just as important as price — and even as important as the very product a company sells. Savvy customer service teams are actively embracing four trends to create an outstanding customer experience, bring in more revenue, and create repeat business. Keep reading

Salesforce Summer ’18 Sandbox Preview Instructions

The Salesforce Summer ‘18 release is quickly approaching and soon you’ll be able to take advantage of exciting new features and functionality! If you are a Sandbox customer, you have the opportunity to get early access to Summer ‘18 in your Sandbox and test new customizations and features before your production organization is upgraded.

The Sandbox Preview window for Summer ‘18 is scheduled to begin May 4, 2018. (But you may need to take action before May 4, 2018, in order for your Sandbox to take part in the Summer ‘18 Preview.) Keep reading

Working With Clients in Financial Services Cloud

Learn about person accounts and how a person is modeled in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. View a client record and create a new client.

That’s it! Check back next week for the top news and release information in Salesforce.

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