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Second Time’s the Charm: Perficient Named as a Top API Strategy and Delivery Vendor

The adoption of APIs across the software and services industry is expected to soar in 2018. Companies seeking to thrive in today’s competitive environment understand that APIs deliver versatility, cost savings, and business value.

However, building and executing an API strategy is key for achieving this business value and agility.

For the second year in a row, Forrester recommends Perficient among mid-size API strategy and delivery service providers. In a recent report, “Now Tech: API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers, Q1 2018,” the research firm provides guidance to IT leaders for selecting a vendor that’s a strategic fit in terms of API business strategy and API technology strategy.

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We are honored by this recognition because it’s a testament to our API management strengths. Our API practice supports clients with API readiness, training, and implementation. With an end-to-end approach, we help clients successfully implement API business and technology strategies that provide application extensibility and business agility for new and legacy applications.

When evaluating service providers, Forrester recommends choosing “a partner based on a strategic fit between API service needs, vertical expertise, and practitioner skills.”

Additionally, select a vendor that not only helps with API delivery but can also build the essential foundation – an API strategy. This means:

  • Consider API business strategy possibilities. While internal integration, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) may drive current priorities, you should also to look to the future. Creating an API strategy provides the foundation to evaluate and establish the direction for API platforms, governance, and delivery.
  • Evaluate prospective vendors’ API business strategy expertise. Vendor size doesn’t matter when assessing service quality. Consider a vendor’s expertise and creativity in identifying, creating, and implementing API business strategy. And, review their level of expertise related to your specific industry.
  • Emphasize collaboration. Implementing a successful API program hinges on how well your entire organization works together. Make sure prospective vendors will help facilitate this collaboration.
  • Assess vendors’ skills for API delivery at scale. Ask prospective vendors about their API program resources to understand their level of investment. This will help determine their competency for delivering a collaborative process between API users and providers.
  • Prioritize API design. API delivery relies upon creating the right design for API interfaces. Understand how prospective vendors guide API design processes and API design management, and look to their ability to provide API taxonomy and portfolio management.
  • Understand the vendor’s approach for transferring skills. Approaches to training and transferring skills varies across service providers. Whether they use a consultative approach or bring you along during API implementation, make sure the skills transfer approach matches your needs.

Within the report, Forrester also highlighted our expertise in key industries, including financial services, insurance, and public services. We’ve achieved notable successes with API strategy and delivery in a variety of other industries, such as food and beverage, healthcare, telecommunications, and transportation.

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With nearly two decades of API integration experience at Fortune 500 organizations, we help design and implement API business and technology strategies tailored to your needs. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to one of our specialists.

Or, check out our guide that explores the value of APIs and the importance of creating an API strategy.


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