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Perficient Listed as an Integration Strategy and Delivery Service Provider

As businesses face an “unknown future of continuous business and technology change,” integration remains a top priority among application development and delivery professionals.

Simple integration projects may quickly alleviate pain and operational challenges. However, constructing the right architectures is essential for achieving strategic business priorities, such as improving agility and organizational structure.

In Forrester’s recent report, “Now Tech: Integration Strategy and Delivery Providers, Q1 2018,” the research firm lists Perficient among mid-size integration strategy and delivery service providers. This report also equips AD&D pros with valuable information on selecting vendors based on the scope of vision and integration focus.

We are honored to receive this recognition, which we believe highlights our broad integration program strategy, architecture strategy, and managed operations offerings. These strengths allow us to help our clients unleash innovation by developing the best strategy for execution and successfully launching projects.

When selecting a partner, Forrester states to align integration needs to your business rather than jumping on the latest tech trends. One of the key takeaways from the report is “to design an agile digital business, then apply one or more of a variety of integration patterns and technologies to deliver it.” This means:

  • Start with a broad integration vision. First understand your business’ needs, and then you can focus on agile execution.
  • Seek vendor alignment. Evaluate whether or not the selected vendors provide the services, products, and vision that match the scope of your organization’s vision.
  • Make sure the vendor’s skills align with your technology vendors’ products. Choose a service provider that has deep skills and resources for the technologies you already have in place.
  • Consider APIs and microservices as part of your integration vision. APIs and microservices enable business innovation and play an important role in an overall integration strategy.

Within the report, Forrester also listed our work across several industries, including financial services. Learn more about two recent client successes in financial services.

TCF Bank

We implemented an integration strategy that modernized IT assets for TCF Bank. The project involved developing a mobile application using microservices and APIs built on customer and operational insights. Watch our presentation for more details on this project:


Learn More

With more than 15 years’ integration experience at Fortune 500 organizations, we execute integration projects that range from strategy to implementation. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to one of our specialists.

Or, check out our guide that outlines five key steps to unplug your legacy ESB and move to a modern integration architecture.

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