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Looking Past the Hype: This is Why You Should Care about Blockchain

The topic of blockchain and blockchain implementation is popping up across a variety of industries and is the focus of many conversations throughout the tech world.  Between the association with bitcoin and its seemingly intangible and complex nature, blockchain may appear more complicated than its potential value to your business.  But, in actuality, blockchain has many practical uses that give it huge potential to shape the future of everything from supply chain management to customer engagement.  If that potential is harnessed correctly, blockchain can help you and your organization in very real ways.

Any business that works with important digital assets has a reason to consider blockchain implementation.  By providing a real-time, distributed ledger that stores records and cannot be hacked or altered, blockchain technology can streamline efficiency and security for many companies.  This would benefit any company that processes payments, as eliminating intermediaries will reduce transaction times and increase profitability.  Since new data can be added, but existing data can never be altered, you can ensure that your assets are secure and reliable.

Much of the hype around blockchain technology harks back to its association with bitcoin and a new way to ‘get rich quick!’  This alone underscores the inherent potential of blockchain technology and the impact it can ultimately have in our day-to-day interactions.  To learn more about how blockchain can change your organization’s day-to-day and to hear about more than just the hype, sign up for our webinar below! We’ll cover real-world examples of how market leaders are leveraging blockchain across industries like financial services, healthcare, and supply chain, along with practical steps to get started.

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