Is Now the Right Time to Try the Hyperion EPM Cloud?

The Cloud is all around us – and a hot topic of conversation from the water cooler to the boardroom. Everywhere you turn, you hear about how everyone is moving to the Cloud and that you too should make the move. Generic benefits are thrown around like it is the best thing since the internet, but is it the right platform for you and how do you make that decision?

Oracle - Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud
Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud

Explore key considerations, integrating the cloud with legacy applications and challenges of current cloud implementations.

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Platform and software selections are sometimes project by themselves so you want to make sure you make the right decision for moving forward. In this short blog series, we will discuss the Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Cloud applications available, review Pro’s and Con’s to Cloud implementation strategies, and finally, discuss lower risk and lower cost options to “try” the Cloud.

Check back soon for the next installment as we look at the Financial Close options available.

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Matt has more than 25 years leading and performing financial system analysis, project management, system implementation, business process redesign, software selection and data migration. Additionally, he has over more than eight in accounting, financial reporting, and audit. He is skilled in analysis of disparate transactional and reporting systems, creating manageable and logical integrations, and reporting.

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