Adobe Summit 2018 Sneaks: My Top Three

Adobe Summit has a wildly popular session called Sneaks hosted by Steve Hammond, senior director of strategy and innovation for Adobe. At this session, attendees are given the chance to preview some of the research and development work going on behind the scenes with brief overviews or “sneaks.” This year, Sneaks focused on the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Leslie Jones

To stir things up, this session has a co-host, and this year, the co-host was SNL regular and Winter Olympic guest commentator, Leslie Jones. Jones was able to lighten the mood by getting excited about the cool demonstrations and even going so far as calling several sneaks “hashtag dope.” Of course, she was able to help keep those who were presenting grounded, just in case they were not nervous enough already.
Unlike the other keynotes that were live-streamed, Sneaks is a session exclusive to those attending Summit in person. I have compiled three sneaks that I liked and share them below. Tell me what you think, are these features you would like to see in the Adobe solution in the next 6-9 months?

Sneak One: Video Ad with Artificial Intelligence

The first sneak I thought would be a key inclusion was the “Video Ad AI” presented by Vishy Swaminathan, from the Big Data Lab. This is a feature that leverages the power of Sensei to provide the opportunity to improve video performance. It uses the AI of Sensei’s predictive performance modeling and recommendations capabilities.
This was demonstrated by taking a video spot intended for several diverse social media platforms. Upon upload, the video is tagged for benchmarking via artificial intelligence, and then using additional artificial intelligence, it is assessed against past performance of similar content to generate an effectiveness score. The recommendations engine is then used to improve the effectiveness score through such changes as length or flow. The video may be compared to the original and edited further through Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Sneak Two: Perfect Path

The next sneak I really liked was Perfect Path. The idea behind “Perfect Path” is to leverage Adobe Sensei to assist marketers in determining the most effective user journey for users. Through the use of AI, Sensei can assess the data of all your user journey and begin to analyze and suggest uniquely tailored journeys based on all historical patterns and behaviors. Sensei automatically creates a graphical interactive map or “experience graph” for every possible customer journey, objectives and target audiences. Thus creating the “Perfect Path.”

Sneak Three: Launch It

The last sneak that caught my attention was AI-driven tag management analysis. Tag management allows content to be organized and measured for its effectiveness. The grueling task of analysis and strategic planning that goes into this current manual process is on par with getting your teeth cleaned or a cavity filled: important but something only done when required.
“Launch It” takes advantage of Sensei’s artifical intelligence and natural language processing to revolutionize tag management. Through this feature, you simply enter a URL to be scanned, and it will subsequently scan and inspect all content elements. From this scan, using the Sensei recommendation engine, an optimal tagging structure will be suggested. Since it has captured all the data in order to make the suggestion, it also can be run to implement the suggestions. This automates the tagging of content, which represents a significant achievement as now content is tagged. Reducing tasks that may take days, weeks or even months is now completed in minutes or hours.


The obvious theme was Adobe Sensei and the power of artificial intelligence. It is not just for Hollywood or an abstraction; it is here in many different forms.
What of these three features would you be most interested in? How would it change the way you work?

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